Sekanjabin Syrup ??


Sekanjabin Syrup  ??

Sekanjabin Syrup ???? سکنجبین ••Sekanjabin Syrup is one of the oldest syrups/drinks in Iran that has a long history which has many health benefits By taking Sekanjabin syrup, you can resolve urinary problems, abdominal bloating and stomach ache•Rich in vitamin D, calcium, magnesium and phosphorus, it strengthens bones and teeth and prevents osteoporosis This syrup has a strong antioxidant quality that plays an important role in strengthening the immune system•Sekanjabin turns into a wonderful tasty drink when combined with cucumber or melon , especially in hot seasons Sekanjabin is also used as a dip to be enjoyed with lettuce leaves as a snack or ???????? •• persianfood sekanjabin iran irani persian foodlover foodpic tasty hungry yummy syrup foodblogger foodie food‎ homemade homecooking foodblog foodgram foods foodlover delicious eating cooking feedfeed instafood healthyfood goodvibes @buzzfeedtasty @food52 @persianfood @foodnetwork @vegetariantimesmag @tastyvegetarian tehran

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